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Acupressure for you


Your horse is your mirror, any stiffness or aches you have, may show up on unbalanced performance in your horse.

That’s why we’ve tailormade Acuswedemat for riders. So that you can relax your way to wellness too. With increased blood circulation and the release of endorphins, 'happiness hormones', Acuswedemat helps tired muscles recover faster and often gives a better night’s sleep.

The Acuswedemat's products will keep you and your body in a perfect shape so that you can be the best partner to your horse and perform at your very best.

Acuswedemat back

Overworked, stiff or tired back? Let the Back belt stimulate blood circulation to relieve pain and revive your lower back. For extra comfort during the day, simply detach the acupressure part and use the mat for extra warmth and support.

Acuswedemat Mat

Roll out, lay down and enjoy the benefits of almost 14,000 acupressure points. Relax and let muscle tension, stiffness and pain slip away. This portable, easy-to-carry with you acupressure mat cares for your upper body and neck. Acuswedemat mat with bag to easily carry with you. 

Acuswedemat Head

Enjoy a natural remedy to treat a headache or a mild migraine. The Head band stimulates blood circulation around your head to ease the pain.