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Meet our Teamriders

Event rider, show jumper or dressage rider. Making it to the top and staying there is more than a fulltime job. It´s a passion and a lifestyle.

Tending to an elite horse means grooming and caring, before, during and after training or competition. Making sure the horse is healthy, happy and in top shape. With Accuhorsemat we help them reach their goals. Enabling their horses to get ready for work faster and relaxing their way to wellness. Meet our Teamriders, Louise Romeike (Svensson-Jähde), Caroline Rutberg and Nicola Baur-Rona.

Louise Romeike (Svensson-Jähde)

Louise Romeike is one of the top Eventing riders in Sweden.

Her mother´s passion for eventing got Louise on the path, although her heart was first set on training and riding racing horses.

Several years ago, Louise relocated to Germany working for Peter Thomsen, multiple Championships medallist and a German National Team rider. Riding and training as part of the Team Thomsen proved successful but also challenging. During 2016 Louise had a serious accident with a long rehabilitation.

However, come 2017 Louise took a big step toward the elite, as top Swede in the World Championships at Tryon and winner of the Silver Medal at the European Championships as part of the Swedish National Team. In 2018 Louise married Eventing rider Claas Romeike.The couple runs their own Eventing stable based in Germany. Louise keep setting her goals high and is now part of the Olympic Committee's Top & Talent program for the Olympics in 2020.

Louise is a lovely, warm and extremely professional rider. Her top horses are: Waikiki, mare (Quinar Sila) and Wielocks Utah Sun, mare (Limbus Cor de la Bryère).

Nicola Baur-Rona

Nicola is a professional dressage rider based in the Austrian Alps (Bad Gastein). She runs her own training stable, Stall Wetzlgut, for client’s dressage horses, where she schools them from youngsters up to GP level.

Her declared vision and mission is to show that sport horses, especially stallions, can be athletes AND lead a ‘normal’ horse life with diversified training, turnout and of course lots of loving care. Always on the lookout for new developments in horse care and horse wellbeing Nicola found Accuhorsemat via Instagram. That is how three years ago the cooperation, started, grew and continues.

Carolin Rutberg

Carolin, born 1978, has been riding since the age of 7. She got her first horse at 14 and since then there´s always been a horse in her life, training for different coaches.

Today, Peter Duvfeldt is her regular trainer. Her early pony years were successful with several placements in dressage and jumping. But in May 1998 she got ill, being diagnosed with MS in October 2003.

For years she refused to see herself as ill. But after a competition and meeting another disabled person, she finally did the mandatory classification to see what degree of disability she had. It came as a chock to find out that she graded 3 on a scale 1-4.

"A new world opened up as I was allowed to use my aids at regular competitions. I started to place myself among the top performances and competing was fun again”. In 2006, she made the National Team and was on her way to her first international competition in Denmark. In 2013, her new horse Mirage, gelding born 2005 (Florencio I), proved to be a great partner. The communication flows beautifully between horse and rider. The team has since placed well, in Sweden and International competitions. Caroline has five Gold medals from the Swedish Championship and is looking forward to the 2020 Paralympics. "